Corporate policy

Our Mission:

With the operational action of our company, we develop a professional and reliable support to an extremely demanding clientele operating in international markets that seeks and turns to our specialized customized services with the aim of engaging excellence in the Executive and Qualitative sphere in full respect of the environment and the rules for the health and safety of workers in the workplace and also through proper control of its critical processes.

Our Vision:

To be considered by our customers as a reliable and first-rate partner for the development of projects and executive activities in the mechanical industry addressed to the production of turbo machinery parts mainly in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas sectors. Our partners must be assured that the services entrusted to our company, are carried out accurately and professionally, and that their demands and needs ( implicit and explicit ) are met flawlessly. We want to progressively raise our quality standard, and we want this main interest to be fully shared with our operating partners.


Products and construction methods are the focus of our attention, and we are committed to impeccable and certified Quality. We constantly turn our eyes to the future while maintaining a strong propensity to invest in technological innovation, process innovation and in all resources used.

Training and respective periodic evaluation, must be continually refined for the purpose of advising our clientele for the best.

Attention to detail and care in dealing with customers, outsourcers, and suppliers in general.

Values such as passion, team spirit, collaboration, enthusiasm, seriousness, mutual esteem and a permanent enhancement of the individual employee’s skills and abilities are the foundations on which we profile ourselves.

The Quality of products entrusted to us and the deep Know-how of product issues and problems ensure our company’s high competitiveness.

Sharing our customers’ sensitivity to the environment and occupational safety requires us to pay more careful attention to these issues.

Understand the technical and production process of our external partners, the continuous development of this process, the implementation of new technologies, along with periodic checks, to achieve the main goal and that is zero waste.

Think global, act local.