Who We are


RESL Sagl has been in the electric power industry since 1993; specializing in the production of mechanical parts for turbo machinery.

In particular, it deals with power generation facilities:

– Thermal power plants;

– Hydropower plants;

– Geothermal power plants;

– Nuclear power plants.

Part of our business is the production of steam and gas turbine blades; in recent years, our activities have focused both on service and on the supply of spare parts for new machinery in cooperation with original turbo machinery manufacturers such as Alstom Power Services, Elliott Ebara Group, Enel Green Power, Franke, Kissling AG, GE Power, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Siemens AG Power Generation, and VA Tech Hydro.

Because of our organizational flexibility, we are able to provide:

– Spare parts for small, medium and large turbines;

– Spare parts for other turbo machinery;

We respond to bid requests for all kinds of turbo-machinery parts from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We assist both customers and suppliers during the various stages of the work process, providing technical/linguistic assistance, quality management, documentation verification, workpiece logistics, delivery deadline monitoring, and customs operations management.

We are constantly looking for new manufacturing technologies to meet demands and reduce production costs.

As the demand for turbo-machinery production has increased, and consequently especially that for shovels, all our major suppliers have increased their production capacity by adding to the already well-stocked fleet of machines, machining centers of the latest generation. We also actively assist specialized suppliers in polishing leaves for compressor and turbine blades.