Through our wide network of certified suppliers, we are able to provide a complete service that reaches from raw material acquisition, its transformation and treatment getting the final product including all the logistics tasks to deliver at the place.


Resl Sagl is able to provide a wide range of materials of any sizes. We also have different material available on stock in order to satisfy the most exigent Service job. In particular St12T & St T17 / 13W.

Listed below are the types of materials that we are able to provide.

  • Bar stock
  • Carpentry
  • Forgings
  • Castings
  • Plates


Resl Sagl offers various services for the transformation of raw material.

  • Calendaring
  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet
  • Bending


Resl Sagl offers several machining according to the needs of the customer.

  • Chip removal
  • Boring
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Electro-erosion
  • Gun drilling


We offer different services of Coating and painting on final products in order to ensure a constant product quality over the time..

  • Electrical ARC discharge coating
  • Electrolytic baths
  • Flame spray
  • HVOF
  • Plasma APS


Heat Treatments

We offer different services of Heat treatment on final products in order to ensure a constant product quality over the time.

  • Diffusion
  • Distension
  • Hardening
  • Melt-in

Surface treatments

We offer different services of Surface treatments on final products in order to ensure a constant product quality over time.

  • Tumbling
  • Shot peening

(Surface hammering cold performed by a violent jet of spherical balls, or cylinders obtained by cutting a wire)

  • Anodizing

(Not spontaneous electrochemical process by which a protective layer of oxide is formed on the surface of the treated metal and protects it from corrosion)

  • Passivation

(Chemical treatment for the surface protection of the metal corrosion resistance)

  • Pickling

(Chemical cleaning operation carried out to remove surface layers of a material by means of acid or alkali solutions)

  • Laser engraving


We are able to perform different types of welds on pieces of small, medium and large dimensions.

  • Submerged arc welding
  • Shielded metal arc welding.
  • MIG (Arc welding with metal under gas protection)
  • TIG (Arc welding with infusible electrode (of tungsten))

High Performance Tuning (HPT)

The HPT process is based on the vibro finishing principle. The parts are smoothed by abrasive additives that slide on their surface due to the action of vibration.

Patented copper chips are used as carriers. Vibration is done in a spring-suspended tray, oscillated by an electric motor. The HPT enables a finish quality yield of up to Ra 0.05 µm.

The main characteristic of the HPT is that no chemicals are used for the polishing process.

Planning and controlling

Real Sagl issues the planning of all the jobs received and offers a detailed control of the progress of the work. This is can be visualized on the customer area of our website.

  • Work scheduling
  • Monitoring work progress

Quality Assurance

Resl Sagl provides a high level of inspections and tests and is open to audits and controls at the our certified suppliers.

  • Audit suppliers
  • Supplier controlling
  • Creation of work instructions and supply specifications
  • Inspection and Test Plans
    • Dimensional check
    • Spectrometric Analysis
    • Magnetoscopic Inspections
    • Liquid Penetrant Tests


Resl Sagl performs the engineering work based upon customer’s requirements We are always available to discuss any problems and seek the best method for solving them.

  • Issuing specific customer’s drawings and specifications

Used turbo machinery for sale

In addition to the different services we offer, Resl Sagl deals with the sale of used turbo machinery.

  • Gas turbines
  • Steam turbines
  • Turbo compressors

There are many turbo machineries on the market that are no longer needed and thus available for the use elsewhere. Many of these units are still in good condition, having a small amount on operation hours.

The use of second hand turbo machinery has two important advantages for the customer:

  • Cost savings; a refurbished turbo machinery is likely to cost no more than 50% of a new unit, saving you on the corporate balance sheet.
  • Best delivery; the used turbo machinery allows a relatively short delivery. Consequentially to this the production start can happen in a shorter time rather when using new equipment.

The used turbo machineries are also occasionally used as spare parts for existing machines.